Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The Knowledge Hub is an online platform designed to facilitate collaboration in sustainability projects and research. It is a tool to enable students, staff, facility services and external stakeholders to work together to tackle complex sustainability challenges. All posts must relate to the University of Amsterdam and/or sustainability. Our community is centred around the values of knowledge-sharing, mutual respect and collaboration. The Knowledge Hub has a mediator who reserves the right to remove content if it does not adhere to the guidelines. There is a contact link at the bottom of the page where inappropriate content can be reported. By using the Knowledge Hub you agree to follow the Community Guidelines.

  • Please do:
    • Feel empowered to post! Active contribution and engagement are the basis of the Knowledge Hub.
    • Share. The Knowledge Hub is a space for exchanging knowledge, insights, best practice, opportunities, research findings and anything else that is related to sustainability.
    • Learn. We all have so much to learn from each others’ experience. Please react and respond to other users’ posts in a respectful and constructive manner.
    • Collaborate. The purpose of the Hub is to facilitate collaboration and networking, so get connected with students, staff and external stakeholders with similar interests!
    • Respect. Key to the Knowledge Hub is its focus on collaboration. With this in mind, all users should interact with mutual respect and tolerance, and consider the inclusivity, accessibility and transparency of their engagements. We welcome and respect the opinions and work of others.
    • Act. In the event that the above guidelines are not followed, please report inappropriate or abusive comments to
    • Recognise this is a public platform. Remember that this is a public space where other students and researchers share information and engage with one another. Other Knowledge Hub users and members will therefore be able to see your posts and comments. Please remember this before posting something you are not comfortable with sharing or that may not be in line with the ethos of this platform and the community using it.
    • Facilitate and encourage accessibility. Through Knowledge Hub, we do not only want to foster environmental sustainability, but facilitate a platform that is equal, just and accessible to everyone of all backgrounds and abilities. In order to ensure the Knowledge Hub platform upholds social sustainability and diversity, we have outlined the guidelines below which we implemented to make our platform as accessible as possible. We are at the initial stages of our Knowledge Hub development and therefore have not yet been able to implement all the necessary measures to avoid potential infrastructural barriers to accessibility. As the Knowledge Hub grows and gains a broader reach, we hope to be able to account for every barrier and ensure that our website does not exclude anyone. In the meantime, please bear with us as we attempt to make the site as accessible and equal as possible within the limitations faced as a start-up platform. If you have feedback or suggestions regarding accessibility, please contact
  • Please don't:
    • Spam. The Hub is not intended for adverts, or to sell or promote unrelated commercial items. Promotion of events, lectures or publications related to sustainability are of course welcomed.
    • Offend. The use of offensive language will not be tolerated. This includes all forms of hate speech and harassment.
    • Mislead. Comments or posts that are defamatory, false, misleading, threatening, insulting or offensive in nature will be removed and those who persistently engage in this behaviour will be blocked from the site.
    • Violate people’s right to privacy. Emails and contact details are provided in order to facilitate collaboration and networking. It is strictly prohibited to use information gathered on the Hub for commercial, promotional or political purposes. Failure to respect users’ email privacy will result in the perpetrators account being suspended.
    • Gate-keep. The Hub is designed for collaboration, so please ensure the accessibility and accuracy of information which is posted.
    • Plagiarise. The Hub facilitates the sharing of sustainability research, and therefore everything that is posted must be accounted for by legitimate sources. Users are prohibited from copyrighting and/or plagiarising the research of other users from the Knowledge Hub platform. When taking inspiration or knowledge from other members’ research, ensure to always cite them and credit them for their work. For more information about Intellectual Property Rights, please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • Accessibility:
    • Each step involved in the making of the Green Office Knowledge Hub platform was made with accessibility in mind, and we strive to uphold the same approach towards the content that is and will be posted on the site;
    • All abbreviations and acronyms are explained clearly and in full, and descriptions are provided alongside links to other sites or research.
    • Headers are strategically placed at the top of the website page, as well as a tag-system and search-bar function, to ensure that website content is structured, easily interpreted and clear, making it easier to navigate the page and find specific information of interest.
    • The Knowledge Hub website will be fully usable on mobile-phone devices as well as PC and/or laptop devices. You will be able to gain the full experience without the use of a laptop/PC.
    • Captions will be provided for video content.
    • Information that needs to be provided (eg. in the case of creating an account/member profile) will clearly indicate what fields need to be filled out and completed and with what information. Labels are adjacent to the respective field to avoid confusion.
    • To ensure clarity and legibility, the Knowledge Hub attempts to facilitate efficient navigation by careful selection of the colours, font and content. The layout of all landing pages, Knowledge Hub homepage and other site pages will be clear and spacious to ensure that the site is user-friendly and intuitive to use.
    • Automatic media and navigation will be avoided and prevented as much as possible within the site to avoid confusion for users.
    • The mediators of the Knowledge Hub will attempt to ensure that content is inclusive and diverse. To do this, we will ensure that there is no discrimination in terms of gender, race, class, disability or background to join, post or comment on the website. If you encounter discriminative behaviour on the Knowledge Hub, such as derogatory comments or insufficient accreditation for another author’s work, please report this immediately to the Knowledge Hub team by contacting




Community Guidelines

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